Project Details




Light Puzzle Platformer




Game Design


Seven weeks




Momentum is a set in a place where the technology is run on the forces of time. In order to sustain it, time has been harvested from several timelines. Due to this harvest, the time continuum has started to fall apart. It is up to you to find the locks which are keeping the time vault closed and release time back into the world before it is too late.

The objective was to create a rhythm based gameplay which challenges the player’s abilities on timing and planning. The player is equipped with a time manipulation device which can alter the states of certain platforms, structures and mechanisms. The player need to progress the level while overcoming the device's limitation of control.



Gameplay Design

Gameplay Scripting C#

Game Conceptualization

Puzzle Conceptualization

This project was a team collaboration in which I mainly contributed on the game conceptualization and the device- and player mechanics. I worked closely with the programmers and artists to implement and iterate on these mechanic during the continuation of the project but also lend my focus on the puzzle conceptualization and level design.

The Device Mechanics

The device is able to activate or deactivate objects in the world. The player can shoot at interactable objects, using the mouse keys, to alter its state. The player is restricted to only being able to control one object at a time.

The device is the players main tool so it was important to provide visual feedback on input. To achieve this we implemented dynamic crosshair which alter its state upon aiming on interactable objects and a projectile movement which changes trajectory depending on input.

The Prototyping

This is my first prototype of the shooting mechanics. The objective was to visually communicate the function of applying and extracting time from objects. This was achieved by changing the projectile trajectory depending on input. When applying time on an object, the projectile starting point is the muzzle of the weapon and travels to the impact point. Upon extracting time of an object, the projectile travels in the opposite direction, from impact point to the muzzle of the weapon.

The initial core mechanic consisted of the ability to either apply or extract velocity on objects. Since this mechanic involved a lot of moving pieces we extended the feedback on which object the player alters. The prototype of this mechanic is showcased above and its features consists of an aim-assist, a lock-on-target and the visual feedback of using a line-renderer which is active during an alteration and changes color depending on input. This mechanic was scrapped to favor our gameplay pillars and make it achievable to create puzzles within the given timeframe.